Adventure, Challenge and Accuracy

My name is Marshall S.R (Barcelona, 1988) and I’m specialized in Ecommerce Data Analytics. 

Before starting this project I’ve worked in Education, Tourism and Digital Marketing. Despite this mixed professional background, all those jobs had a common denominator: I liked using Excel to create tables, counts, filters and basic functions to perform my tasks, whether it was counting Hotel spare rooms or averaging the student’s test score.  

Some people find “numbers and statistics” boring … but the truth is that I love it 🙂

One day I chanced upon Web Analytics training. I started in a self-taught way, doing small courses in Udemy and DataCamp. Then I continued with complementary training at a more professional level with Simo Ahava, Analytics Mania and Mide360. 

In 2020 I started my entrepreneurship adventure with Gelma.Store. This is an Ecommerce that keeps me up-to-date within the industry and also the place where I perform A/B tests which, above all, allows me to replicate what works best for an  analytics project.  

About my personal life, I could tell you that I listen to different types of music (always turning up the volumen when the bass kicks in), I also could tell you what kind of books I like to read (paperback version over hard-cover) or that my favorite dish (to name one) is Lasagna.

Since I can’t put everything into such a small space, I prefer to show you what I like to do the most with my free time, going cycling.

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