Welcome to the Data Lab!

The good thing about having my own E-commerce is that besides of selling, it allows me to be up-to-date about the online business trends in a totally practical way 

Gelma.Store is an Online Store configured with GTM to track the whole Sales Funnel. In this way, I can identify where the most important data drops are occurring and which actions are needed to take to remedy them

In addition, it is a space that I consider my test lab. There I perform all kinds of CRO experiments that validate whether the hypotheses put forward are validated or refuted 

And, most importantly, everything I learn in my Online Store I can replicate with customers so that their conversion rate keeps improving too

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CRO Experiments

Conversion Rate Optimization
Experiments are the best option to validate or refutate hypotheses about the Online Store.

A/B Testing

I had doubts about the price of the products, so I made a test to find out if it is better to round the prices or not ($14,99 vs $14,90)

Copy CTA

Which verb is best to get the user to click on a button? In this experiment I unveil some keys to increase clicks

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