Data Analytics

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Use the revealing power of data to your business's advantage

Every business is unique
That’s why we make sure that the data generated from your Online Store
helps you to make strategic decisions 


Implementation and configuration of tracking tools for the website. We insert GA4 using GTM to get the most out of it


SQL functions in BigQuery allow you to combine metrics with dimensions to find insights from E-commerce and any database


Present data in an understandable way to communicate the state of the business and take actions to help further growth

Data and E-commerce

Data is constantly being created from the website, the CMS, advertising campaigns, email marketing, CRM and even external sources

It is necessary to know how to take advantage of it, as it has valuable information for the business. 

Data PipeLine is the process of moving data from its source to a destination. Along the way, data is transformed, optimized and analyzed to develop business insights

Data Collection

Your website probably already has a Google Analytics tracking code. We’ll customize the tool to the unique particularities of your Online Store

» Validate the correct location of the codes and tools used.

» Define the Sales Funnel to identify the events to be measured

» Configure the events with Tag Manager (select_item, add_to_cart, …) 

» Verify that the data is being reported correctly to GA4 and suggestions for improvement

Data Transformation

GA4 is a source of inspiration from Digital Marketing and Web Analytics to identify online business trends. But it can go much further, much more

» Integrate GA4 with BigQuery to avoid data sampling

» Customization of SQL functions and data cleansing  

» Crossing tables (table user_id + table events + table items)

» Analysis of any database such as Csv, Spreadsheet, Fb Ads, …


To communicate to an audience and convince, it is necessary to sort the data and create a narrative that reinforces strategic decision making

» Report and dashboard design 

» Hierarchy of information to capture the attention of the audience

» Creating a narrative according to business data 

» Sharing insights with team members 

Medium Community

Medium is the blogging platform that I use to create content about Data Analytics

I occasionally write to share knowledge and keep up-to-date with the latest news on topics of interest

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We love experiments

Improving the customer experience to optimize the conversion rate is fundamental for E-commerce. If we make changes randomly, we’ll be going by intuition and opinion

This type of decision making may or may not work
I wouldn’t gamble with it, to be honest

A/B experiments are a way of making small changes to the website that help validate or refute these hypotheses. For example, we believe that a variation in price will cause us to sell more

What is better to price at .99 vs. .90?

With an A/B experiment we will know exactly what works better

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squeezing data from your Online Store

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