EDA stands for E-commerce Data Analytics

Understanding the DataPipeline

This is the process of moving data from its originating source to the destination where it is stored

Along the way, data is transformed, optimized and analyzed to develop business ideas as well as improving the strategic goals of the online business. The different phases and technologies involved in the process are also defined, defining the required skills to consolidate each phase 

In online business the raw data originates from Digital Marketing tools, Advertising, CRM, CMS and, in short, anything connected to the Internet

  • Extract: From an automated load (API) or manually, the data are extracted from the digital tools that generate them

  • Load: The data generated by these digital tools are sent to the databases where they are stored for later usage

  • Transformation: By using customized queries in SQL or Phyton programming data subsections are accessed

  • Visualize: Graphics allow transforming the obtained data into informatio so as to make strategic decision

Specifically for E-commerce

The Sales Funnel defines the path that a visitor must take in the Online Store to achieve a specific goal: purchase

If you search on google Sales Funnel you’ll find funnels with different shapes and phases. This is because every online business is different.

Generally, funnels have three clearly differentiated phases:

  • AwarenessTraffic to the website leads users to get to know the brand

  • ConsiderationOnce inside the website, users want to know more about the products and services and how they can benefit from them

  • DecisionThe moment when users decide whether the products meet their needs and end up buying

E-commerce Data Analytics’ goal is to understand user behavior in the Online Store to improve the shopping experience

A Data Analyst identifies at which stages of the funnel there are data drops and provides solutions to improve the web conversion rate 

Want to Learn More?

Medium is the blogging platform that I use to create content about Data Analytics

I occasionally write to share knowledge and keep up-to-date with the latest news on topics of interest

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Transformation - SQL

SQL (Structured Query Language) is a computer language that allows accessing a database, performing calculations and executing functions that obtain relevant information


Data visualization is the graphical representation of the information contained in the data. Visual elements such as line graphs, bar charts, surface charts, etc are used to understand trends, outliers and patterns in the data

Useful Resources

Books and training are the true companions of adventure and learning
I highlight two of each

Lean analytics cover book

Lean Analytics

Alistar Croll and Benjamin Yoskovits, 2014
The authors explain how to use data to create a Startup whichever be the business model (SaaS, CaaS, Ecommerce)

Storytelling with data book cover

Storytelling with data

Cole Nussbaumer, 2017
Using examples and study cases, the author shows the fundamentals of data visualization to communicate effectively to an audience

Analytics Mania Google Tag Manager Courses

Analytics Mania

Learn how to use Google Tag Manager in depth with Julius Fedorovicius in his online academy and student support community

Mide 360

Mide 360 (spanish)

Learn all about Digital marketing and Web Analytics with the courses offered by the MIDE program and prepare for Google certifications

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